Be ready to communicate: Quick tips ahead of the snow

INDIANAPOLIS - In the case of an emergency in Sunday's snow storm, there are a few quick tips Hoosiers need to remember in order to start off on the right foot. 

Here are a few ways to ensure you won't be caught unprepared in case you need help:

1. Charge your cell phone. It may seem obvious, but don't let it slip your mind.

2. Close all the apps on your phone to save the battery.

3. Program emergency numbers into your contacts.

4. Limit your non-emergency calls.

What to do if you get stranded or stuck in your car in snowy roads:

1. Don't leave your car.

2. Turn your overhead lights on, as well as your external lights.

3. Tie a brightly colored cloth to your car's antenna.

4. Keep windows cracked while engine is running.


Watch RTV6 and HTSN all day long Sunday for more information on the storm.

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