January 2014 cold, but not yet among coldest in Indianapolis history

Month's average temp coldest since 1994

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis has been shivering through a brutal January, but this month doesn't yet rank with the coldest in the city's history.

With an average temperature of 22.1 degrees through Jan. 22, January 2014 is so far just the 17th coldest January in Indianapolis since records began in 1871.

The National Weather Service said it's very likely the average temp for the month will drop, given the current Arctic blast and another one coming next week.

If the average monthly temperature drops below 20 degrees, as expected, January 2014 will be the coldest since 1979. It's already the coldest since 1994.

Here are the five coldest Januarys on record in Indianapolis:

No. 5: 17.9 degrees -- hit in 1970, 1979 and 1893
No. 4: 17.2 degrees -- hit in 1912
No. 3: 16.7 degrees -- hit in 1940
No. 2: 14.6 degrees -- hit in 1918
No. 1: 10.2 degrees -- hit in 1977

NWS said January 1977 was particularly notable because the Ohio River in southern Indiana froze over.

Indianapolis averages 28.1 degrees during a normal January.  

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