Power, road crews ready for Indiana winter onslaught

Crews gear up for first winter storm of season

INDIANAPOLIS - With up to 8 inches of snow forecast for parts of Indiana, power and road crews are preparing for the worst but hoping for something less than that.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works said it will call out 90 drivers Thursday afternoon, with another shift of 90 drivers to hit the roads at 11 p.m. and through the overnight hours.

Indianapolis is currently projected to get 2 to 5 inches of accumulation, with the precipitation falling in two waves -- the first on Thursday night and another round on Friday morning.

"Ice could be a part of this wintry mix, and Indy Snow Force will closely monitor the conditions and begin salting our major thoroughfares at the appropriate time," said Lesley Gordon, DPW spokeswoman.

Indianapolis does not plow residential streets if snowfall totals are less than 6 inches.

"Drivers should be careful, reduce speed, allow ample time to arrive at their destination and give Indy Snow Force plenty of room to salt and plow the streets as needed," Gordon said.

Duke Energy, which supplies power to large sections of Indiana, including much of the southern part of the state, is keeping an eye on the situation.

"(We're) reviewing staff levels in our call center and the field to make sure we're prepared to respond, if needed," said Angeline Protogere, Duke Energy communications manager in Indiana. "(We're) notifying employees and contractors that they may be needed for extended schedules."

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