Rainbow hovers over central Indiana for morning commute

Rainbows not commonly seen early in day

INDIANAPOLIS - Commuters were treated to a rare occurrence over Indianapolis on their way to work Wednesday morning.

Rainbows are not really that rare, but it is quite uncommon to see one in the early-morning hours.

RTV6 received several pictures of a rainbow hovering over downtown Indianapolis around 8 a.m. as heavy rain approached from the west.

The rainbow could also be seen from other communities, including Westfield and Marion to the north and from the Greenwood area south of the city.

"Brought a big smile to may face on a dismal morning," one person commented on the RTV6 Facebook page.

"It was big and beautiful stretched over the gray sky, and then the sunrise in my rearview mirror was beautiful as well," another person commented.

Rainbows form when light, usually from the sun, is reflected by water.

If you snapped a pic of the rainbow, send it to us on Facebook or through uReport in the RTV6 app or email at pic@wrtv.com.

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