Search party looks for dog thrown from car in crash

Beagle spotted off 267 Sunday morning

BROWNSBURG, Ind. - Animal lovers converged on a Brownsburg neighborhood to organize search parties in the snow, looking for a dog that was thrown from a car in a crash.

Police say the Beagle named "A.J." was ejected in a crash on Interstate 74 near Brownsburg on Thursday, but the dog is not believed to be injured.

The dog is, however, very skittish.

Volunteers mobilized after social media postings from Indy Lost Pet Alerts .

Police told RTV6 that as many as 17 people turned out to search around noon on Sunday as snow was blanketing the region.

One officer who is assigned to work animal control cases arrived in a 4-wheel drive, carrying a "throw net" and a "catch pole."

Searchers reported a possible sighting of the dog Sunday morning near Route 136 and 550 East in Brownsburg.

Police said some paw prints were found with spots of blood in the snow, raising concerns that the cold temperatures have led to frost bite on the dog's paws.

Searchers organized on Saturday, but disbanded late at night with no progress, one officer said.

The dog's owner was sent to the hospital after the crash, but police involved in the search had no other details about the accident.

In one posting on social media, a search organizer pleaded with searchers and other nearby residents not to shout for the dog if they spot him. 

"He will run away," she wrote.

One officer involved in Sunday's search said residents behind the Taco Bell on Route 136 could help by opening gates to their back yards, if practical.   

A dog that is frightened and difficult to catch may be drawn into a yard, making capture possible by closing the gate after he arrives, the officer said.

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