Second man dies in New Year's Eve 'suicide pact'

Police decline to detail suicide note's contents

INDIANAPOLIS - A second man has died after a shooting that police termed a sort of "suicide pact" on the south side of Indianapolis on Tuesday.

Both men were 71 years old, police revealed on Thursday.

Witnesses said both men were circling a shopping center parking lot on Madison Avenue at East Edgewood Avenue on Tuesday afternoon when their van stopped in a corner of the lot.

Police said the driver got out and methodically lifted Raymond Schaefer into a wheelchair next to the van before shooting him twice in the head, killing him.  

The shooter then shot himself in the face, and police said on Thursday morning that he died at an area hospital.

Several suicide notes were found, police said at the scene , but the department declined to release any further details on Thursday.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department spokesman, Officer Chris Wilburn, said at the scene that both men were working together to end it all in a public place and in a public way. He said the notes mentioned ending "suffering" and other problems, but he did not say whether any specific medical issues or diagnoses were included in the suicide notes.

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