No criminal charges against former prosecutor Carl Brizzi

Brizzi no longer federal target

INDIANAPOLIS - No criminal charges will be brought against former Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Tuesday.

Brizzi, who served two terms as the Marion County prosecutor and is currently in private practice, has been scrutinized over allegations of bribery related to two cases.

Brizzi believes the three-year investigation which produced no criminal charges proves he conducted his job as former Marion County Prosecutor ethically and legally.

U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett released a statement explaining there was insufficient evidence to support criminal charges.

"While (Brizzi's actions) may be unacceptable... criminal law requires more to support a conviction," Hogsett wrote.

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Authorities leaned on Brizzi’s former Chief Deputy David Wyser and business associate Paul Page, who cut deals with the government, to help with ongoing investigations. Neither had information the government could use against Brizzi.

"I still believe Paul Page and David Wyser are men of integrity. They were not going to make up a story to get themselves a better deal," Brizzi said.

Brizzi said he was annoyed the U.S. Attorney raised questions about a previous campaign contribution and suggested his office may file a complaint with the State Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission.

Brizzi has been reprimanded previously by the commission on an unrelated matter.

"He knows full well there are complexities in raising money, especially when raising from a small pool and so I thought it was irresponsible and it shows his inexperience quite frankly, he's never prosecuted a case. He's a political appointee," Brizzi said.

Brizzi plans to continue with his private practice and will be in London for several days on a deposition involving the Indiana State Fair stage collapse.

Brizzi released the following statement Tuesday afternoon in regard to the decision:

"The news today comes as no surprise to me and the truth has prevailed. The U.S. Department of Justice has conducted a thorough, exhaustive and expensive investigation over three years that supports my contentions that I conducted my business affairs both ethically and legally.

"A prosecutor has the power to indict or not indict. Neither Joe Hogsett nor any other prosecutor should give opinions about ethics or morals. Hogsett's baseless aspersions in a statement issued to announce that no charges will be made against me is a continuation of his disregard for the boundaries of his office.

"I want to deeply thank my family and friends who've been there for me during a protracted and painful period.
"I am currently on my way to work on a case in London and look forward to returning home to move forward in a proactive and positive way."


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