Three Indianapolis students are accused of trying to poison a teacher's water bottle

Teacher, 23, declined medical treatment

INDIANAPOLIS - Police were pursuing criminal charges on Friday after three students were accused of trying to poison their teacher’s water bottle at an Indianapolis school.

Officers were called to the Key Learning Community just southwest of downtown Indianapolis after students reported seeing a 14-year-old boy pouring hand sanitizer into his teacher’s water bottle in their classroom.

The teacher, identified as a 23-year-old woman, told police she took a drink from the water bottle and may have swallowed some of the hand sanitizer, but she declined medical treatment.

When administrators at the school learned of the poisoning attempt, officers wrote in their report that each student in the class was told to write statements about what they had seen. The fellow students reported seeing an eighth grader pouring the hand sanitizer into the bottle.

When officers confronted the 14-year-old boy, they said he admitted to putting the hand sanitizer into her bottle.

Police were told the school was beginning proceedings to expel the student, while two other students were suspended.

In their written statements, the other two students, a 13-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl, each accused the other of putting the boy up to it.

An Indianapolis Public Schools spokesman said on Friday that criminal charges in the case were expected next week.

"Our first priority is to support and maintain a safe learning environment and an equally safe workplace. Our investigation is continuing and those involved will be held accountable and subject to the school district discipline policy," IPS spokesman John Althardt said in an email.

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