Man killed after gunman barges into Indianapolis home

Police looking for man in Hyundai Sonata

INDIANAPOLIS - Police are looking for a man who fatally shot another man after barging into his home and stealing his car on Indianapolis' north side early Friday morning.

Dispatchers were called to the 7800 block of Harcourt Spring Place about 6:40 a.m. Friday on reports of shots fired.

IMAGES: Man fatally shot in home

Police said the victim, Thomas Tefft, 67, and his wife were in the home when the assailant came in. Tefft had been reading a newspaper and watching TV and his wife was sitting at a table sorting medication.

"The suspect came in through the patio door. It was unlocked, but they did still cut some of the screen out, came in," said Indianapolis police spokesman Mike Hewitt. "The wife of the victim grabbed her cellphone and ran into a back room, and she describes hearing a pop and a scream."

The man who came into the home was described as black and in his 20s. He was wearing a ski mask, a black stocking cap and a gray hooded sweatshirt, police said.

Police said the intruder left in the couple's black 2009 Hyundai Sonata that was in the garage.

Officers are looking for the car, which has an Indiana Wesleyan license plate No. IW813.

A neighbor across the street from Tefft's home gave video from a security camera to police.

A detective told RTV6 that the couple were innocent victims and that it was a crime of opportunity. They aren't sure if the home had been targeted or if it was random.

Police were not immediately sure if Tefft struggled with the gunman. His wife was not injured.

Neighbors told RTV6 that the neighborhood has had problems with car vandals in recent months, along with several garage break-ins. 

"I'm infuriated by it, to tell you the truth," said Nadia Miller, who lives nearby. "Over the last six or seven months, our cars have been vandalized. Two weeks ago, my car was vandalized out here, and it makes you really, really upset."

Neighbor Jim Owen is also angry.

"It just makes me angry, very angry," he said. "People should be able to enjoy their homes without other people coming in and invading their space. This is ridiculous."

Neighbors were on edge Friday night.

"My parents are kind of freaked out about it," said Denis Sehic, who lives with his parents near the Teffts' home. "It could have been anybody's house, and that's what makes me so upset, because, you know, I wasn't home, but my parents were at home."  

Sehic said someone recently tried to break into his house.

"This was a couple weeks ago, what they did is it looks like they used a screwdriver to push the door in," he said.

Sehic said the same thing happened to his girlfriend, Joseny Bonvino, who lives just one neighborhood over.

"I actually had somebody try to break in to my house through the garage door," Bonvino said.

Bonvino had a security system installed Friday, but she said she is still shaken by what happened Friday morning.

"It's amazing the way it happened, cause you just wake up in the morning, you're ready to go to work, you're having your cup of coffee, and you don't just expect someone to come in and kill your loved one like that," she said.

Sehic and Bonvino said their neighborhoods are being overcome by people trespassing, and they'd like to see more of a police presence.

"We're paying all these homeowner association fees, and I haven't seen a police officer in this neighborhood for maybe the last year or two," Sehic said.  

Metro police are organizing a town hall meeting for Harcourt Springs residents early next week.

Watch RTV6 and refresh this page for updates.

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