Allen County judge: David Bisard will stay in jail while awaiting October trial

Bond revoked in 2010 crash case

INDIANAPOLIS - Suspended Indianapolis police officer David Bisard will stay in jail until his trial.

Bisard faced an Allen County judge Thursday after prosecutors requested his bond be revoked for the 2010 crash in which he struck a group of motorcyclists, killing one.

Prosecutors made the request following Bisard's arrest for a second DUI last month.

Bisard's defense offered to substitute alcohol counseling, electronic alcohol monitoring and GPS monitoring for the bond revokation, but the judge declined the offers.

The judge honored the prosecution's request, saying Bisard's second arrest demonstrated "instability" and that Bisard posed a threat to the health and safety of the community.

Mary Mills, one of the motorcyclists who was injured in the August 2010 crash, was in the courtroom for the bond hearing Thursday. Wells said Bisard will now be where he belongs -- away from the public -- and his case is finally being handled appropriately.


"I believe that now he is finally being treated as you or I would be, rather than a police officer," Mills said. "I honestly believe that he's being treated more as though he is just anybody off the street, and that's the way, in my opinion, this should have been handled from the beginning."

Bisard's trial is scheduled for October 14, but his attorney is likely to request an earlier trial now that Bisard must await trial in jail.

It has not yet been decided if Bisard will await trial in the Allen County Jail or be transported to Marion County.

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