Cold-related school closings, delays are hot topic in Indy area

Parents opinionated on both sides of issue

INDIANAPOLIS - Most area schools decided to close Tuesday, but a few remained open, operating on a two-hour delay.

It's a cold-fueled decision that prompted heated responses from some parents.

One Brownsburg parent emailed RTV6, concerned about young students having to learn in, and walk to and from mobile classrooms at Eagle and Reagan elementary schools.

Parents took to Facebook to vent too, using words like "outraged" that schools like Brownsburg, Avon and Plainfield operated on a delay, but did not close.

One person wrote, "A delay will not keep children or staff from getting frost bite."

Another: "We must not take that chance when it comes to our children."

One Pittsboro mom is glad her kids' school was closed.

"I think it's a good thing. I think safety is first because of the cold and the kids having to stand out at the bus stop," she said. "It's going to stink to make it up but I think it's the safest."

Brownsburg Community School Corporation Superintendent Dr. Jim Snapp told RTV6 the decision to close school is not taken lightly.

"The decision to delay or close schools is never an easy one," Snapp said. "Every day of instruction is important, and we are glad Brownsburg students are in class learning today."

Some parents agree. One Facebook supporter wrote, "Thank you for keeping our schools open! The roads are clear and the schools are fully heated with running water and warm lunches for those who choose."

One woman who has a granddaughter in Brownsburg schools said she's also glad school is in session.

"The kids have already missed school and they're already complaining that they're going to have to go until the end of July if it keeps going," she said. "I personally right now don't see a problem with it just because it's cold. Had it been snow covered, slippery like it was I would have said no. But I think they were fine. I think they made the right decision."

On the other side of the coin, some parents are upset at the schools that decided to close because they had to scramble for child care.

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