Drunken driving suspect asks police to guard stolen stash of makeup worth hundreds

Police find $737 in stolen makeup inside car

FISHERS, Ind. - An Indianapolis woman was jailed on drunken driving charges after police said she asked them to take care of hundreds of dollars in cosmetics that officers quickly found out had been stolen.

Fishers police reported that Amy Weber, 39, of the east side of Indianapolis, crashed into an oncoming car on Olio Road near Alston Drive on Sept. 27.  She told officers she swerved over the center line because she had looked down to punch an address into her GPS device, according to police reports.

Officers immediately suspected she was under the influence of alcohol, and as her vehicle was prepared to be towed away, officers wrote in a search warrant that she asked them to place hundreds of dollars in cosmetics into the trunk of her car.

Police found Sephora makeup and other cosmetics, valued at $737, stacked on her passenger seat and officers quickly noticed that most of the boxes were unopened and were absent from a sales receipt that was located nearby.

The sales receipt from a JC Penney store in Hamilton Town Center listed a $4.79 purchase for a shirt, but officers suspected the makeup was stolen because it was also located in a shopping bag from the same store.

Police interviewed store personnel and they recalled a woman matching Weber’s description filling her bag with makeup and then leaving the checkout counter area holding a specialized see-through cosmetics bag.  That bag was later found empty in a dressing room of the store.

Store workers told police the makeup was never paid for, and they said the woman who was suspected of stealing it seemed “kind of out of it,” officers wrote in their search warrant.

The theft happened minutes before the drunken driving crash, police said.

Police have confiscated the cosmetics, which included $20 to $79 boxes of products from brand names like Sephora, Lancome, BareMinerals and Murad.  Officers also confiscated a can of “Big Sexy Hair” spray, which officers noted was displayed near a store entrance and also did not appear on any sales receipt.

Weber has not yet been charged with theft as officers continue to gather evidence in the case. On the drunken driving charge, she has been held in the Hamilton County Jail on a $2,500 bond.

Weber told police she did pay for the makeup, but had paid for it separately from the couple of tank tops that appeared on her sales receipt.

“She stated she really likes makeup and had come up here to shop for it,” officers wrote in their search warrant.

Officers requested a search warrant, telling a judge that they needed to search the contents of her purse as part of their theft investigation.

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