EXCLUSIVE: Man loses $1K in Craigslist Colts tickets scam

Josh Silcox: 'The tickets looked so real'

INDIANAPOLIS - A man who had hoped to attend Sunday's big Colts-Broncos matchup at Lucas Oil Stadium says he was scammed out of $1000 after buying four fake tickets off of Craigslist.

Josh Silcox said the man who posted the offer on Craigslist seemed to have legitimate intentions for selling the highly sought after tickets.

"He said he had unexpected family expenses. We met in person and he seemed like a legit guy.  The tickets were probably more legit looking than tickets I've seen in any other city so I felt comfortable with it," Silcox said.

Tickets to the sold-out Colts-Broncos game have been selling on authorized third-party websites for $175 to $1,000. Silcox said the $250 per ticket "deal" he found on Craigslist didn't seem too good to be true.

"These tickets were so (real). I mean, the perforated lines where you tear them apart, they all matched up. The imprint of the Colts logo was right there. Even the police were kind of taken aback in the fact that these were so lifelike," Silcox said.

A few hours later, Silcox said he compared his tickets with ones that his friend had purchased. It was then that he realized that he had been scammed. What's worse is the fact that Silcox had planned to attend the game with his father who had planned to fly in from Phoenix for the game. 

After turning to police for help, Silcox said he was told there are so many fake tickets going around they aren't capable of investigating each and every claim.

"When the cops showed up to look at the tickets, they said that these were probably the closest they had seen to real, legitimate tickets and apparently it's been a real problem. They compared it to a couple years ago when the Super Bowl was in town," Silcox said.

Police warned anyone looking to score Colts tickets online to only buy from reputable, authorized third-party sellers like StubHub or Fanfare. 

Be aware there is a city ordinance that requires ticket scalpers on the street to have a permit and a badge.

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