Hundreds arrested by excise police at Terre Haute diesel-pickup rally

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. - Indiana Excise Police truly had its hands full this weekend. Nearly 100 at Indiana University were arrested. Dozens were nabbed at Ball State. But no university could hold a candle to amount of arrests at Terre Haute’s Scheid Diesel Extravaganza.

State excise police said officers arrested 254 people on 305 charges this weekend at the annual diesel pickup rally at the Wabash Valley Fairgrounds.

Officers arrested 105 people for underage possession or consumption of alcohol, including 21 juveniles younger than 18. Five of them were also charged with false informing and one with being in a liquor store.

Police said 12 adults were arrested for providing alcohol to a minor, three were arrested for operating while intoxicated and five were arrested on drug charges.

For this being a vehicle-related rally, officers said there were quite a few drivers there who were being unsafe with those vehicles. Officers arrested several people for criminal recklessness after they were seen “power braking” in large crowds of people in store parking lots along U.S. Highway 41.

Officers said in each case, the trucks swayed in the rear while holding people in the truck beds, in addition to there being numerous pedestrians immediately next to the trucks. One of those drivers was also charged with an OWI.

Police said other people were arrested or cited on an additional 162 charges, including excessive exhaust or smoke, open container violations, seat belt violations and other traffic offenses.

Twelve juveniles were cited for possession of tobacco.

Individuals were not the only violators, police said. A liquor store, Party Cask Beverage Center (910 S. Third St.) was cited for sale of alcohol to a minor and allowing a minor to loiter. Officers said they saw an underage male walking out of the store with a case of beer, and the ID he used at the store had a nother person’s photo on it and a height of 5 feet 6 inches, when he was actually 7 inches taller than that at 6 feet 1 inch tall.

“The goal of the state excise police is to ensure the safety of the patrons of this event and others around the state,” Superintendent Matt Strittmatter said after working with excise officers on Friday and Saturday. “In order to achieve that goal, we must continue our efforts to make certain that alcohol is consumed responsibly and lawfully.”

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