Missing Texas teen found in Mooresville

Teen visiting Indy with Music for All organization

A Texas teen reported missing from Butler University's campus Thursday night has been found in Mooresville, officials said.

Stephen Kenneth Colbert, 15, from Wiley, Texas, had last been seen at Clowes Memorial Hall at around 7 p.m.

He was found Saturday morning walking along State Road 67 in Mooresville -- more than 23 miles away from Butler's campus. It wasn't immediately clear how he had gotten there.

Police said Colbert was visiting Indianapolis with the organization Music for All.

The organization's CEO Eric Martin released a statement shortly after Colbert was found.

"We are extremely grateful that Stephen has been located," Martin said. "Our thanks go out to the public and the media in helping spread the word, and law enforcement authorities for their role in finding Stephen."

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