Officers right a wrong after two kids' bikes stolen from family in one week

INDIANAPOLIS - A sad day for some in Indianapolis was turned around by a police officer who made an incredible gesture of kindness.

Monday morning, a mother called 911 to report her daughter's bike stolen.
When IMPD Officer Jason Scott got to South Butler Avenue, he said he was met by a distraught mother. She told him her 7-year-old daughter's bike was stolen from the backyard.
She also said someone had stolen her son’s bike the week before. Both bikes had been locked up in the family's backyard.

Knowing it would be difficult to locate the bikes without serial numbers, Scott decided to right the wrong.

The father of three and his partner, Officer David Reese, bought the kids new bikes.

“That’s how we are out here, you know, it's very humbling to be doing this interview right now, but there's so many police officers who would have done the same thing,” Scott said. “And it's almost done every day almost on a smaller scale – you just don't hear about it."

The brother and sister will both celebrate birthdays in a few days. Their parents say thanks to Officer Scott, now they'll be able to have a nice celebration, with the money they saved not having to replace the bikes.  

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