PD: 3 kids hurt, possibly by lightning

INDIANAPOLIS - Three children were injured when lightning struck a large summer camp on the northwest side of Indianapolis Saturday afternoon, police said.

Rescue workers from Pike Township said the kids were part of a group of several hundred kids gathered in a field on the northeast part of Goldman Union Camp Institute off 86th Street in the 9300 block of Moore Road. Lightning struck the field as storms rolled through just before 2 p.m.

Camp counselors immediately started life-saving measures when the lightning struck.  Medics then arrived and took over before taking the three injured campers to area hospitals, Stephen Dean reported.

Camp leaders declined to speak to reporters, but police identified the victims as a 9-year-old boy from Kentucky, a 9-year-old girl from Chesterfield, Mo., and a 12-year-old boy from Ohio.

One of the boys was listed in critical condition at St. Vincent Hospital, while the other two were described in stable condition at Riley Hospital for Children.

Carmen Siegel, who lives near the camp, said the sky wasn't even dark when one clap of deafening thunder caused her to jump straight into the air.

"It's tragic," she said.

"It's tragic.  I feel so sorry.  There's nothing you could prepare because the sky didn't even get dark really.

"I'm just shocked.  It's just tragic," she said.

Other families who attend and serve as counselors at GUCI camps said hundreds of kids from around the country attend the four-week camps that run through the summer months.

Police said several hundred kids remained at the camp after the lightning strike.

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