Police: Embattled IMPD officer admits driving drunk in latest crash

LPD: Bisard mentions past crash, begs to be let go

INDIANAPOLIS - Suspended Indianapolis police Officer David Bisard admitted to driving drunk and begged for officers to let him go in his latest crash, according to the official police report filed in his latest arrest.

Bisard, 39, was booked on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated after police said he crashed into a guardrail and utility pole near his home after 2 p.m. Saturday off Indian Lake Boulevard South, which is near the officer’s home.

Police wrote that a witness spotted him rocking his pickup truck back and forth in an attempt to free the vehicle from roadside ruts created when he slid off the road.  At first, officers said he denied that he had been drinking, but the report said he changed his story under further questioning.

When an officer pointed out that he smelled like alcohol and asked again how many drinks he had consumed, the police report quoted him as answering, “I’m not really sure, I’ve been drinking since Noon and I’m not gonna say I’ve had two like everyone else does.”

The report said he further stated, “I know you know who I am, I messed up today, if you guys can cut me a break I promise I will never drink again.”

Investigating officers wrote in their report that Bisard had glassy and bloodshot eyes, appeared unsteady on his feet and his movements were slow.  They said he handed over his driver’s license, but then fumbled through the same three envelopes from his glove box several times as he searched for his vehicle registration.

Police said Bisard kept repeating that he was guilty of driving drunk for Saturday’s crash, but he was not drinking on the day of “that other crash.”

He was referring to the 2010 crash in his patrol car while on duty, when he plowed into a group of motorcyclists stopped at a stop light. One man was killed and two other bikers were seriously injured, resulting in felony charges of driving while intoxicated, causing death. 

His trial on those charges is set for October in Fort Wayne, where proceedings have been moved because of the intense publicity surrounding his case.

In this weekend’s crash, police wrote that Bisard mentioned that he had a wife and children at home and that “if he goes to jail today his life will be over.”

He told investigating officers that he would pay for all the damage from this weekend’s crash if they would just let him go.

The police report then said that, after he was handcuffed and placed in the patrol car, he again said he would never drink again if officers would just let him go.

The report also spells out that Bisard tested at 0.17 blood-alcohol content, which is more than twice the legal limit in Indiana. He told officers that if officers persisted on booking him, he would refuse to cooperate with “the whole DUI process.”

One Lawrence police supervisor reported that he believed Bisard’s crashed pickup truck was the same truck that had prompted earlier calls about a drunk driver shortly before the crash. 

The police supervisor even wrote that he followed the pickup for a while but did not notice any erratic driving and, therefore, did not pull him over.

A wrecker driver told the Call 6 Investigators that he towed Bisard’s truck to the IMPD impound lot on the eastside, where it will be processed for evidence in the new proceedings against Bisard.

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