Police say Tuesday's pipe bomb has been one of many reported objects this year

Bomb squad investigated 189 incidents in 2012

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis police continue to investigate a pipe bomb discovered in a downtown home Tuesday.

Witnesses told police they'd spotted a squatter living in the building prior to the report.

The bomb, spotted upstairs in a building on the 1200 block of north Central Avenue, is one of several calls which have activated the Ordinance Explosive Device Unit, or simply the "bomb squad," in the past several weeks.

In July, a bag left in the bushes near the Medal of Honor Memorial raised several alarms out of fear someone was out to damage it.

The bag turned out to be full of clothing.

In June, another bag, this one left outside the federal courthouse, contained fireworks and marijuana.

And on Monday, an unattended bag shut down a five-mile stretch of I-69 in Hamilton County during the evening rush hour.

The bag ended up belonging to a teenager, who had dropped it.

While the calls don't always wind up being for actual explosives, Indianapolis' chief of homeland security, Gary Coons, said responders always treat them as though they are.

"We take it seriously … we respond with the appropriate equipment," Coons said. "You don't get a second chance. You don't get an, 'Oops, we have done this.' They have to get it right the first time."

Last year, the bomb squad rolled on 189 incidents, 81 of which involved suspicious or unattended packages. And it checked out more than 300 venues to ensure their safety before crowds arrived.

If you see something suspicious, even if it may be nothing, authorities urge you to report it.

They say they'd rather be called out for nothing than not be called when they're needed.


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