Investigators search for 2nd man after shooting CVS robbery suspect; 1st man ID'd

INDIANAPOLIS - Police and SWAT crews scoured the east side for an armed man Saturday morning after shooting down another suspect in an attempted pharmacy robbery near 21st Street and Post Road.

Update at 1:30 p.m. Monday: That man shot by police has been identified as Devin Johnson, 32, of Indianapolis. IMPD said he is still in the hospital in serious condition.


At roughly 3:30 a.m. Saturday, IMPD responded to an attempted robbery at the CVS Pharmacy in the 8900 block of East 21st Street. An alarm had been activated alerting police to the hold-up.

Investigators told RTV6 one armed suspect in the robbery was seen standing near the front door of the pharmacy when officers arrived.

"At some point, the officers and the suspect had a confrontation at the front of the store and shots were fired," said IMPD Lt. Chris Bailey. "The suspect received several gunshot wounds."

Police said the man was taken to Wishard Memorial Hospital in critical condition. The second suspect is still on the loose, IMPD said. Investigators entered the CVS and could not find him, and a search of the surrounding area was canceled around 6:30 a.m.

The attempted robbery was the second time this week this CVS was robbed, and the third time this month. Investigators told RTV6 they are now trying to figure out whether this attempted holdup is connected to any of the other recent robberies in the area.

The shooting was also IMPD's second in two weeks. On Oct. 31, a metro officer shot and killed a robbery suspect who pulled out a handgun and fired at the officer at 45th Street and Keystone Avenue on the north side.

"We're getting serious about this notion of making the city safe and, unfortunately, there's times we encounter armed subjects, give verbal commands, and if they refuse to comply, then we have to use necessary force," said IMPD Chief Rick Hite.

RTV6's Katie Heinz and Matt Trees were on the scene. They said there were 25 to 30 state police and local police vehicles in the area, and the CVS was surrounded by troopers and officers.

IMPD said three patrons and three CVS employees were inside the pharmacy at the time. No other injuries have been reported so far.

Anyone with information about the identity of the second robbery suspect is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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