Pregnant woman assaulted on east side

Woman, 44, claims to have 20 other children

INDIANAPOLIS - A woman called police to an east side motel Friday morning claiming the father of her unborn child had assaulted her.

Kianga Modupe told Indianapolis police that she had invited the man to her motel room near 38th Street and Shadeland Avenue to have a good time. But, after several hours, Modupe said things got out of control.

"It was too much to drink … it was too much to drink and it just went too far," Modupe said.

Modupe said she had also been drinking earlier in the day prior to the assault.

"He grabbed me, took my clothes off … he grabbed me by my throat. I was trying to leave and he grabbed me and threw me back in the room," Modupe said.

Modupe said the man then took her cell phone battery, so she went to the motel lobby to call police.

"I had to run to the office naked, barefooted," Modupe said.

Modupe says the person at the office wouldn't let her use the phone, so she returned to her room, where she waited for the man to fall asleep before calling police shortly before 5 a.m.

In the police report on the incident, Modupe reportedly told officers that she is the mother of 20 children.

"I have 20 children," she later told RTV6. "I have 15 out of my body and I adopted five children. And I'm pregnant now, so this will be my 21st."

Modupe, who says she's 44 years old, says she has 15 sons and five daughters, including three sets of twins. She said she is currently three months pregnant, and believes her unborn child is a girl.

Modupe told RTV6 she wants to see the man who assaulted her arrested, and that, regarding her unborn child, she planned on driving herself to the hospital to get checked out.

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