Proposed firing range in Brownsburg has nearby residents fired up

Meeting scheduled to address residents' concerns

BROWNSBURG, Ind. - A proposed indoor firing range in Brownsburg has some residents fired up before it's even approved.

Some residents got a letter from the attorney of the man who wants to operate the firing range, inviting them to a meeting Wednesday to ask questions.

At least one couple has plenty of questions.

"I just think to have a firing range this close to a residential area is a bad choice," said Brian Eastridge, who lives near the proposed site of the range.

The proposed indoor firing range would be at 462 Southpoint Circle in Brownsburg, right across from Eastridge's backyard.

"I believe everybody has the right to bear arms, but we're just too close," said Leah Eastridge. "There's a cul-de-sac right over there that has children that would be directly across."

The Eastridges have many concerns about guns and ammo near so many homes. They say the firing range might have taken adequate safety precautions inside, but they fear the worst could happen outside.

"Are those guns going to be loaded or are they not going to be loaded? Did somebody forget to put a safety switch down? You don't know this," Brian Eastridge said. "You get out of your car, you might put your gun on top while you get other stuff… it just takes one accident."

Joe Sellmer, who wants to operate the firing range, said the facility would be safe all around.

"We'll have state-of-the art bullet containers, state-of-the art ventilators," Sellmer said. "Our focus is on responsible gun ownership and training."

Sellmer's scheduled a Wednesday meeting with area residents to answer their questions, and he hopes to ease their worries.

"Can they assure us that were not going to hear, 'pop pop pop?'" Leah Eastridge said.

"It's going to be so well soundproof that you'll be able to carry on a normal conversation in the classroom space, which is right next to it," Sellmer said.

"I want to know all those details," Brian Eastridge said. "I personally just think it's a bad fit."

Sellmer must get approval from the zoning board to move forward with his plans.
A hearing hasn't been scheduled yet; Sellmer said he wanted to answer questions from the community ahead of that hearing.

The meeting is Wednesday night at 7 at the Brownsburg Public Library.


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