Relentless winter storms drive Indy residents to warmer getaways

INDIANAPOLIS - For millions of Americans, spring can't come soon enough – and some have decided to get a head start on the season with a much-needed getaway.

On Friday, 5.5 inches of snow fell on Indianapolis, causing accidents and traffic gridlock during the evening rush hour. With more snow forecasted for Saturday night, local travel agents say people are telling them anywhere warm is better at this point.

"I just booked people to Cancun … actually, to the Mayan Riviera, which is just south of Cancun," said travel agent Dave Marsh.

Marsh said he's been making dreams of warm weather and ocean breezes come true for people worn out from winter.

"Oh yes … and they don't care where they're going as long as it's warmer," Marsh said. "Of course, Florida is popular because it's convenient."

Another travel agent told RTV6 that the one-two punch of cold and snow seemingly every week has people booking last minute getaways.

For those who stay, at least one sign of spring has appeared: the annual Boat, Sport and Travel Show. It was packed this weekend with winter-weary folks waiting impatiently for spring.

"I like Hawaii," said Frankfort resident Mike Mills. "I'd settle for Arizona right now. That'd be great."

Indianapolis resident Tracie Rutledge had a different destination in mind.

"Barbados," Rutledge said. "Warm. Very warm."

For those who are planning flights, winter hasn't given up its grip so easily. The Associated Press reports that relentless snow and ice storms this winter have led to the highest number of flight cancellations in 25 years. U.S. airlines have canceled more than 75,000 domestic flights since December 1, and roughly 14,000 this week alone.

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