State excise officers arrest 93 in Bloomington for IU new-school-year weekend

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Nearly 100 Bloomington party-goers were netted by Indiana State Excise Police on 129 charges this weekend.

State Excise Police said officers arrested 56 people for underage possession or consumption of alcohol, 20 of whom were also charged with possession of fake IDs.

Several of those were additionally cited for making a false statement of age to a licensed establishment, and four minors were arrested for being in a tavern or liquor store.

Meanwhile, officers said 17 adults were arrested for providing alcohol to a minor. Police said other people were arrested or cited on 32 more charges, including driving while suspended and various other traffic offenses.

Officers said one man was taken to the hospital by officers, he’d had so much to drink. A 19 year old from Highland, Ind., was taken to IU Health Bloomington Hospital by officers after he blew a .257-percent blood alcohol content (BAC) during a test. He was later taken to the Monroe County Jail on preliminary charges of illegal consumption and public intoxication.

Indiana State Excise Police wants to remind all drinkers – underage or of age – to call 911 if anyone appears to be in need of medical attention, even if you’re not sure how serious the condition is.

“After calling 911, always stay with the person needing help,” State police said. “You may be able to provide valuable information and assist authorities.”

Indiana Lifeline Law provides immunity for certain alcohol-related offenses for someone who calls for help for someone else, and then stays at the scene and cooperates with authorities.

Officials are making particularly strong efforts get the word out on the Lifeline Law after an IU freshman fell down at a recent party and her friends did not call 911 until roughly 6 hours after she was hurt. Nineteen-year-old Rachael Fiege, of Zionsville, Ind., was taken off life support a day later and died of her injuries.

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