Vandals use spray paint to damage 11 downtown Lebanon buildings

Courthouse, library among damaged buildings

LEBANON, Ind. - Police have begun reviewing surveillance video that may have captured vandals in action, after 11 downtown buildings were damaged by spray paint over the weekend in the historic Boone County town of Lebanon.

"It's just terrible," said Kay Martin, director of the Lebanon Public Library, where three limestone pillars were spray painted with letters and an image of a frowning face.

The same sort of damage was sprayed on pillars at the nearby Boone County Courthouse and at least nine other buildings, police said.

A statue had its face painted black, as well as scribbles and letters on nearby building facade at a downtown bank as well.

Courthouse workers have already used power washers to remove most of the paint on south side pillars, but light shadows of the paint remained visible on Tuesday.

Library surveillance cameras were trained on the spot where the vandals damaged library property, and police spent part of the day obtaining recordings from the night the damage was done.

Martin declined to say what was recorded by those cameras but she said they were working perfectly and should be useful in the police investigation.

She said it's still too early to know the dollar amount of damage that was done to her building.  Because it involves limestone, she said special contractors will be needed to remove the graffiti.

At each building, the letters "J" and "B" were spray painted, along with variations of a frowning face and other scribbles.

Late Tuesday afternoon, police identified a female suspect in the case, and an arrest warrant was issued by the Boone County Superior Court judge.

Police had not yet made the arrest with that warrant on Tuesday afternoon.

The same judge also signed two search warrants, allowing police to search the female's home for evidence in the case, court workers said.

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