Woman who threw puppy out with trash sentenced to jail, community service

Shemika T. Robinson banned from having pets

MUNCIE, Ind. - A Muncie woman who put a live puppy out with her trash has been banned from owning any animals in the future.

Shemika T. Robinson, 36, was convicted of animal cruelty for throwing the 6-week-old puppy in the trash in February.

Robinson will serve 180 days in jail, and she'll be required to complete 50 hours of community service at the Muncie Animal Shelter upon her release.

A garbage collector is credited with saving the puppy.

Mike Upchurch, a Muncie Sanitary District employee, was throwing trash into his truck when he said he heard a whimpering noise.

When he opened one of the bags, he found the puppy, alive but shivering and covered in garbage.

Upchurch warmed the puppy in the truck's cab and took it back to the sanitary district's facility, where employees washed and fed the dog while waiting for animal control officers.

The puppy was near starving, but it has recovering well after getting a meal and fluids, officials at the Muncie Animal Shelter said.

Robinson told authorities that she thought the dog was dead when she threw it away, and she also admitted to discarding other puppies in the same fashion.

Upchurch has officially adopted the puppy, whom he named Garby.

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