75-year-old Oklahoma woman becomes Zumba instructor after serious knee injury

MUSKOGEE, Okla. - Years ago, Kalua Corbin was a professional dancer living in New York City.

“I started doing Calypso when I was 19. I just love to dance ... Period."

Today, at the age of 75, the Muskogee resident's passion for dance is still there, but a knee injury in 2011 meant she would have to slow down.

Corbin still did not allow that to stop her. She found out about Zumba, and started taking classes.

"I heard it was Latin dancing and I thought that is right up my alley.”

Two years later, she is hooked. She goes to Zumba classes six days and three evenings a week.

In fact, last month she became a certified Zumba instructor. With her certification, Corbin has taught in classes around Green Country and in even out of state.

"Everywhere I go, they will pull me up on stage and have me to do a number with them. Even here in class. I don't go to do that. I just go to dance."

Now, she is hoping to inspire others her age to keep on moving.

"Age is just a number. Mind over matter. I don't mind; it doesn't matter as long as you keep healthy, and this is a good way to keep healthy."

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