Dirty Dining: Home Shopping Network's cafeteria shut down after rodent problem found

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Home Shopping Network broadcasts live to 95 million households all over the country, but it's their employees and visitors inside the St. Petersburg headquarters, who may have been inconvenienced this week.

HSN's cafeteria, located inside its broadcast building on North 118th Avenue, was temporarily shut down on Thursday Nov. 21, after inspectors found over 100 rodent droppings in each storage room, 50 more near the sodas, and up to 75 droppings in the dish room!

Other high priority violations inside the retailer's cafeteria over the last year include shredded beef at hazardous temperatures, no proof of required employee training, and employees improperly cooling various food in the walk-in cooler including cooked grits, gravy and sausage.

According to inspection records from the Division of Hotels and Restaurant, Home Shopping Network's cafeteria is run by Eurest Dining Services.

I called and emailed HSN's corporate office and Eurest Dining Services several times for comment but no one ever returned my calls or responded.

Home Shopping Network has been around for 35 years ago and employs hundreds of people in the Bay area, selling thousands of products and top brand names to its customers. 

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