Forecast: Cloudy and cold

INDIANAPOLIS - Throughout the day the clouds will win out. If there is any hope for some sunshine, it will be late in the day but even then it is just a very small chance. Highs today will top off only right around 33 degrees. 

Skies will still be mostly cloudy on Thursday with highs barely above freezing, however, a little more in the way of sunshine on Friday with again highs only in the mid 30s. 

Late Friday and into Saturday we will have the potential of light snow heading our way. Models continue to show a southerly track with this storm system but some moisture will be pulled north by the jet stream. There isn’t a whole lot of moisture to work with but some minor accumulations could be possible from Indy south by Saturday evening. 

There is a great potential for a more significant storm next week that could disrupt travel before Christmas on Tuesday and into Wednesday. This storm system will have more in the way of moisture to work with but isn’t a slam dunk to be all snow. Right now it looks like it will start as all rain then change to snow but that will all depend on the track. Models for this storm have been going back and forth a little as well.


Today's sunrise at 8 a.m. | Sunset at 5:22 p.m.


Today: Cloudy, with patchy drizzle. Below-freezing temps this a.m. High: 33

Overnight: Mostly cloudy. Low: 23

Thursday: Mostly cloudy. High: 32

Friday: Partly sunny. High: 34

Saturday: Light snow possible. High: 34

Sunday: Partly cloudy. High: 32

Monday: Increasing clouds. High: 35

Tuesday: Rain develops. High: 40

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