National Weather Service confirms Indiana tornadoes

INDIANAPOLIS - At least 23 tornadoes touched down in Indiana on Sunday, the National Weather Service reported.

NWS survey teams were deployed across the state Monday to evaluate the damage and learn more about the storms.



NWS says the tornado, preliminarily classified as an EF2, cut a 3.5-mile path from Lebanon toward Tipton. The tornado touched down near County Roads 150 South and 300 West then moved northeast. 

The tornado lifted from the ground in a neighborhood behind a Starbucks that was damaged in the storm.

EF2 tornadoes have winds up to 120 mph.

NWS said a second tornado touched down approximately seven miles northeast of Lebanon. Officials said it was a preliminary intensity EF1 and was 75 yards wide.

EF1 tornadoes have winds up to 100 mph.



NWS said an EF2 touched down in southwest Knox County and took a 19.4-mile path.

The tornado began west of 6th Street and County Road 1600 South, officials said. The storm moved east-northeast and ended near Long Pond.

This tornado was 100 yards wide, the survey team concluded.



NWS officials found two tornado paths in Kokomo, both from EF2 tornadoes.

One path was short and one was approximately 10 miles, officials said.



NWS officials confirmed a tornado near Atlanta, Ind. No other details were released.



An EF1, with winds estimated at 90 mph, touched down north of Bedford.


Roseburg/Grant County

An EF0 briefly touched down just south of Roseburg just before 4 p.m. Sunday. It was about a quarter mile west of the 300 West-300 North intersection.


Western Grant County

An EF2 touched down just south of the Grant/Wabash county line at 3:50 p.m. Officials said the path length was 12 miles.

Officials estimated 30 to 40 homes were damaged and dozens of vehicles were damaged or destroyed.



NWS officials confirmed an EF2  touched down south of U.S. 50 and County Road 300 West, southeast of Maysville. The tornado moved into Washington and dissipated near Second and Sycamore streets. 

It was 130 yards wide and had a 2.75-mile path length.


Jasper County

An EF1 tornado touched down about 10 miles northeast of Rensselaer, officials said.



Officials confirmed a tornado touched down southeast of Lafayette to just west of Dayton. NWS said it was a preliminary intensity low-end EF3.



A preliminary intensity EF0 tornado touched down just east of Russiaville.


Veedersburg/Fountain County

Officials confirmed two tornadoes touched down in the area. One went from Rileysburg to west of Covington. The intensity has not yet been determined.

The second tornado went from Mellott to State Route 25 near the Montgomery/Tippecanoe County border.



An EF1 touched down near Goodland, Ind. in Newtown County.


Benton County

An EF1 touched down in southeast Benton County, officials said.


Pulaski County

An EF1 touched down just southwest of U.S. 421 and Delaware Street in Medaryville and lifted about 2.5 miles northeast of Denham, officials said.


Northern Indiana

The National Weather Service confirmed White, Miami and Kosciusko counties each had one confirmed tornado. Two tornadoes were confirmed in Cass County, officials said.


Five survey teams across the state are still working and gathering data. 

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