4 careers in STEM to consider

Because technology is rapidly becoming integral to every sector of the global economy, employers in surprising fields seek potential employees with a knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Careers in STEM are important to the economy, and there are many jobs available in a variety of sectors.

"Construction, transportation, and even the hospitality industry rely on a STEM-developed workforce," according to the National Science Teachers Association. "Whether it’s understanding how an engine works, or plotting trucking routes, the advanced level of technical knowledge and problem-solving capability needed for these positions have become obstacles that did not exist 10 years ago."

STEM subjects are part of many jobs, and experts generally agree "STEM workers use their knowledge of science, technology, engineering or math to try to understand how the world works and to solve problems," according to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report. "Their work often involves the use of computers and other tools."

That same report says employment in STEM-related jobs is projected to grow to more than 9 million between 2012 and 2022. To understand the vast array of jobs available, here are four growing careers that require STEM knowledge and experience.

Civil engineer

As long as populations grow and develop, construction will be a vital industry. STEM-knowledgeable people are valuable in the construction field in more widely recognized capacities, such as material engineering or civil engineering, as well as in business and management roles.

Civil engineers are the directors of projects on a site and have a number of vital duties, including channeling the progress of a construction project and coordinating with clients and other onsite managers.

They “organize, direct, and conduct preliminary review of the research and data necessary for the design of [a] project such as zoning conditions, latest design standards, existing utility information, [and] environmental issues,” according to The Schneider Corporation.



Professional surveyor

People with STEM interests and backgrounds can take on a variety of roles in the surveying profession, such as a project surveyor. STEM-familiar individuals have skill sets that make them especially competitive.

Professional surveyors and their support staff plan, coordinate, and execute survey work for many different types and sizes of projects. In this career area, you can combine your love of data and technology with the ability to work with many people in different fields, to bring together and complete complicated projects. In addition to project surveyors and professional surveyors there is a high demand for numerous other positions within the surveying career sphere that are available to STEM candidates.

Technical sales

With an extensive knowledge of software or hardware and a winning personality, you would be a great fit for a technical sales position, including geographic information system sales support or technical support.

While there are different types of software and hardware sales, GIS sales is a career track with potential for growth and advancement. A person in this position focuses on finding new business within companies that can use Beacon, which is The Schneider Corporation’s popular solution that served over a half a billion requests for information last year. With 24/7 site access, Beacon results in both time and money savings for the community.

These types of systems are useful for construction, agriculture and many other fields. Presenting the technical details to clients is essential for selling the products, so STEM-knowledgeable individuals are valuable.

Technical support development

Additionally, once the software or hardware products are sold, clients will inevitably need to ask questions about how to troubleshoot or maintain them. Being able to explain and walk through issues with clients is a job that requires patience and knowledge. If you enjoy sharing knowledge about technology, GIS support could be an ideal career.

Companies with STEM-focused openings

For more information about these types of positions or to explore other jobs that need STEM knowledge and experience, take a look at potential careers at The Schneider Corp. The company provides creative solutions for land, infrastructure and facilities projects that help increase revenue, lower costs and mitigate risk.

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