'Lazy Ramadi' Soldiers Coming Home Soon

Two National Guard staff sergeants from Muncie who have garnered national attention with a music video spoof will be coming home next week from their post in Ramadi.

Matt Wright and Josh Dobbs are best friends and have become Internet sensations after producing a music video takeoff of a popular Saturday Night Live skit, "Lazy Sunday."

The video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on video sharing sites, such as YouTube and iFilm. It's also been a very popular video on TheIndyChannel.com.

From their post in Ramadi, Dobbs and Wright spoke with 6News' Dan Spehler on Saturday.

"It actually started -- I was home on leave in December and I saw "Lazy Sunday" when it aired on "Saturday Night Live," Wright said. "About a month later, a couple of guys from Muncie came up with a parody called "Lazy Muncie." I thought it was hilarious, and immediately started writing "Lazy Ramadi."

Wright and Dobbs said they can't believe how their video has been received.

"It's still not even real, partially because we're over here," Dobbs said. "I got an e-mail from a girl in Scotland."

"I've received some from all around the U.S., one from Germany, one in Korea. It's all over the place," Wright said.

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