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Apr. 12 Dine out and help fight back against HIV and AIDS! Today is the day Indianapolis will make a contribution to this event. To get the full bite on it, visit www.diningoutforlife.com.

The donated portion of Indy's participating restaurants revenue will benefit the Damien Center. Learn how what else you can do to fight back by logging on to www.damien.org.

Apr. 11 American Super Heroes Museum For museum hours visit www.herosmuseum.com.

Apr. 5

I am so excited it is Opening Day at Victory Field! The smell of the grass, the crack of the ball, and ballpark food - you can't beat that combination.

The Indianapolis Indians take on the Columbus Clippers today at 2 p.m. Check out the full season schedule at www.indyindians.com.

Apr. 4

Jim Cramer is broadcasting his hit show IU version of "Mad Money" tonight on CNBC. Watch my package and see the madness unfold: .

For everything stock related you ever want to know, visit Jim's website www.thestreet.com

Watch the IU Mad Money Club's audition tape on youtube.

Mar. 30

The Indiana Police says there were 332 reported rapes and more than 3,300 aggravated assaults in Marion County in 2006. That is just in Marion County!

There is no wonder why some Hoosiers feel the need to practice self defense. We went to Herb Johnson Karate in Fishers to find out what people are doing to be prepared.

The company operates 15 area Karate schools. Basic classes begin at $100 per month. Call 317-898-4444 for the studio nearest you or check out their website www.indianapolis-martialarts.com

Speaking from my own experience this morning, the classes can keep you safe and make you buff! Talk about a workout.

Mar. 29

Over one million American children have at least one parent in the military. April is the month that honors these kids.

Many military supporting organizations are encouraging families to scrapbook to express feelings and communicate with deployed loved ones. ‘The Month of the Military Child’ Arts & Crafts and Scrapbooking Extravaganza is happening through April at retailers across the US.

Cord Camera in Plainfield is launching the extravaganza on Friday April 6 at 1 p.m. For a participating retailer near you, visit www.cordcamera.com. If you would like scrapbooking tips aimed at assisting military families, visit www.monthofthemilitarychild.com

Mar. 28

Millions of people tuned in to Dancing With The Stars last night to see who would be the first to go home. While Paulina Porizkova packed her bags, I was busy with a different kind of competition.

The star of this show was Molly the cow! The Indiana Dairy Association sponsored a good old fashioned cow milking contest prior to the Pacer game last night.

The contestants included former Pacer player Billy Keller, WIBC-AM Sports Reporter Jake Query, and myself! I had 30 seconds to milk Molly the best I could. In the end, I came up a few drops short with 2nd place.

The evening was unforgettable and all in good fun! Check out the slideshow of the event:

Find out how you can win $5,000 for doing your body good at www.indianadairycouncil.org.

Mar. 26

Did you know that there are 3,112 caves in the state of Indiana? That is super surprising to me!

Caves are exciting and adventurous... they are some of the Earth's last explored frontiers! The IMAX Theatre in the Indiana State Museum hopes to take visitors to some of these incredible structures with the new film "Journey Into Amazing Caves."

Find a showtime that fits your family's schedule at www.imaxindy.com

For those who really want to learn more, Indiana State Museum Curator of Paleobiology Ron Richards will lead workshops on Friday, April 6 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and Saturday, April 7 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and 1:40 to 2:30 p.m.

Explore the commerical cave nearest you, check out www.cavern.com.

Mar. 23 The Amp’d Mobile Supercross Series is taking over the RCA Dome Saturday March 24. The action starts at 7 p.m. and tickets: $10 - $37.

Brush up on your Supercross knowledge at http://www.supercrossonline.com.

Mar. 22

The 9th Annual “Butterflies” show opens up at White River Gardens March 23. Fly on over to http://www.indyzoo.com for more on the spectacular show of beautiful creatures.

Mar. 21

It premiered in London in February and now its making a debut in North America! Spymakers is in its first full week of operation at the Children's Museum.

Visitors begin by attending an interactive spy school. You will learn about disquises and spy skills such as cracking codes and detecting liars.

The futuristic exhibit teaches about hi-tech gadgets and computer hacking techniques. Skills are tested through a mission assignment.

The entire experience is aimed at kids ages 8 - 14 and is the only one of its kind in the country. You can start your investigation at http://www.childrensmuseum.org

Mar. 20 Today we are telling you about The Mystery Cafe, an intimate spot above the Milano Inn where you can eat and be entertained. For the scrumptious details buzz on over towww.themysterycafeindy.com

Mar. 19 The new seson of Dancing With The Stars premieres tonight on RTV 6. To get some toe tapping tips of our own, we visited Into Salsa. For details on classes and events, visit www.intosalsa.com

Mar. 15 Fall registration is open now! Your tiny tot is sure to be tired after a day of fun at this school. Just doing the interview wore me out!

Everything you need to know to sign your kiddo up is at www.shootstarsgym.com

Mar. 14 The Big Basketball Dance is here! Customers won't miss a shot at this mane event. www.sportclips.com

Mar. 13 It is the beginning of a new era in the sport of wrestling! Females are becoming more involved than ever before. Watch my package for the scoop: For info on how to buy a USA Competitor Card, visit www.iswa.com

Mar. 12 The 49th Annual Indiana Flower and Patio Show is March 10 - 18 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Tickets are $10. Show hours are Monday - Saturday: 10am - 9pm and Sundays: 10am.- 6pm

Check out the schedule for the weeklong event at www.indianaflowerandpatioshow.com

Mar. 9 Today we took a behind-the-scenes look at the spectacle known as "Delirium!" This is one of the top five box office grossing concerts in North America, and it is currently taking center stage at Conseco Fieldhouse.

For members of this family life is constantly in motion, both on stage and off. Backstage at Conseco Fieldhouse it is just another day at the office.

"This is the band they are coming for their soundcheck at five," explains our tour guide Jennifer. She is a singer and one of 40 performers. Indianapolis is a new town, but it is the same routine.

"In every city, the hair and make up team comes in and sets up our mirrors and our make up for us. We are actually in charge of doing our own hair and make-up," the New York native shows us.

"For those of us that are not experts in makeup like myself, we are given a diagram of what we need to do to get ready for the show... Everything here is top notch. We stay in five star hotels and we have a really nice luxurious kind of set up."

The show itself is lavish. It is packed with music, dance, theatre and multimedia. The physical intensity is grueling. That is why there is an onsite health room.

"We have got here the signup sheet," Jennifer shows me as she points to the door. "We have a doctor in the house in certain venues so you just sign up if you need to see him or her."

I asked on the dancers seeking treatment how tough it is on your body. He laughs and says with the maintainance it is not too bad.

Just a few hours before showtime, stylists are working overtime to alter outfits.

"People gain and lose weight," she says in the wardrobe room. "That is one of the jokes they have here is that the catering is so good that the first week everyone gains ten pounds."

Coffee bars, juice bars and loads of healthy food pack the catering area. But what most of these people crave most is the thrill of entertaining. Their appetite is to perform. And that is why they have no problem staying on the move.

Check out the cool stuff in the online boutique at www.cirquedusoleil.com

Mar. 8 The American Red Cross offers Pet First Aid Courses to educate owners about how to care for our pets during emergencies. The session is $35 per participant.

The Red Cross sells Pet First Aid Kits for $17. A comprehensive kit should include the following: • Water-based sterile lubricant • Hydrogen peroxide (3%) • Rubbing alcohol • Antibiotic ointment • Epsom salts • Baby dose syringe • Sterile eye lubricant • Sterile saline eye wash • Glucose paste/corn syrup • Styptic pencil • Petroleum jelly • Penlight • Needle-nose pliers

For information on the Indianapolis Chapter and the safety courses they offer visit www.redcross-indy.org

Mar. 7 To Grey's Anatomy fans, she is better known as Doctor Addison Montgomery the estranged wife of Doctor McDreamy. Off camera, Kate Walsh is spreading the word about narcolepsy for National Sleep Awareness Week.

She personally told me why she is taking time out of her busy schedule to be a spokesperson.

"I think it is really important to get the word out that there is treatment and make people aware of it, so they don't think they are just losing their mind," she says. "The brain misfires so you are never fully asleep and you are never fully awake. You are kind of in that weird gray in between area. It can be pretty desvastating."

The actress and the Narcolepsy Network want people to know there are solutions. Medicines and treatment exist for the disorder.

"The thing that was surprising to me is that it wasn't just daytime sleeping, but it was also coupled with sleeplessness at night."

Kate does not personally suffer from narcolepsy. But as a Hollywood star, she is use to short sleep schedules. Doctor Addison Montgomery was conceived as a short term role. Audience response convinced creators to make her a regular. Now ABC is considering a spinoff.

"It is going to be a special expanded episode and we will see what they do with Doctor Addison," she explains with a chuckle.

Kate confirms Actor Taye Diggs will star im a two hour pilot in May. But she does not say what it means for the next season. USA Today is reporting the network may consider it for fall scheduling. Kate is remaining tight lipped.

"You will have to tune in and hopefully the audience will like it and we will see what happens!"

You can learn more about the disorder by calling 1- 888-SLEEP 67 or visiting www.narcolepsynetwork.org

Mar. 6 Pets are great to have! But one thing that is not so fun is cleaning up our furry friend's mess. Today we introduced Stanley's Pet Services, a company that cleans your yard for you.

If you want to hand over the dirty work to someone else, check out their website: www.gowithstanleys.com

Mar. 2 If your family has free time this weekend, you may want to check out a new exhibit is opening at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

The "Health House" is a permanent aiming to educate kids about healthy habits at an early age. Different areas of the home give various tips.

In the kitchen, visitors learn about things like healthy snacks and the importance of eating together as a family. The bathroom will promote hand washing and proper dental care.

The new addition to the museum is funded by Health Care Excel and opens March 3 on level four of the museum.

For more information visit www.childrensmuseum.org.

Feb. 28 Indiana's own John Mellencamp has a new album in stores. The project is his first in five years.

Currently the superstar is busy jetsetting around the country to promote Freedom's Road. I sat down with him at his studio outside of Bloomington to find out what live is like at album number 21.

Watch the story:

John's new album is available for purchase on his official website: www.mellencamp.com

Feb. 23 Every week over 25 million Americans sit down to watch the drama unfold on Grey's Anatomy. The scrubs, the heartache, the humor... how much of it really exists in real life?

We talked to a handful of resident doctors at Riley Hospital to find out the truth. Watch the story:

For the latest on what is happening at Seattle Grace, visit Grey's Anatomy Official Website.

Feb. 22 16th Annual Indiana Motorcycle Exposition Thursday February 22 – Sunday February 25 Exposition Hall at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Tickets: $9 and Kids under 5 are free http://www.indianamotorcycleexpo.com

Feb. 21

The IHSAA Boys Swimming & Diving State Tournament is at the IUPUI Natatorium. The preliminaries are Friday February 23 at 6 p.m.

The finals start Saturday February 24 at 9 a.m. Tickets are $8 per session or $12 for both days.

Call 317-846-6601 for more info. If your child is interested in joining the Wayne Township Twisters, email coachkevanbehlmer@sbcglobal.net

Feb. 20

Today we whipped up fully delicious and nutrious meals at Super Suppers. This company provides an alternative to traditional kitchen cooking.

It is designed especially for working parents or those who are "culinary challenged."

Judie Byrd, the founder of Super Suppers will be appearing at three area locations this week.

To find the store nearest you, visit http://www.supersuppers.com

Feb. 19 It is bridal show season, and many Hoosiers are planning their big days. Today we visit a cute and cozy place in Greenfield to tie the knot.

Weddings start at $250. For directions and more information, visit http://www.judysweddingchapel.com

Feb. 16 Indy Boat, Sport & Travel Show Today - Feb. 25 Indiana State Fairgrounds $10 for adults, Kids under 5 are free Call 1-877-892-1723 or visit http://www.indianapolisboatsportandtravelshow.com

Feb. 15

This week on RTV Cribs we visit the Hamilton County home of a man named Tim Durham.

We enjoyed getting the personalized tour of his pad.... wait til you see the car collection! Wow!

Click through the slideshow: or watch the tour in action:

Check out http://www.obsidianenterprises.com for all the details about Tim's companies.

Feb. 8

All month long we are taking you inside the most extravagent homes in Central Indiana.

This week we visit the crib of engineer and entrepreneur Scott Jones.

He was super nice and accomodating. Check it out:

Click through our slideshow or watch the video package

To learn more about Scott and business endeavors, visit www.scottajones.com.

Feb. 1 Just Pop In 6302 North Guilford Avenue The three and a half gallon Colts tin is $35. Blue popcorn is available. Call (317) 25-SWEET or visit www.justpopinonline.com

Jan. 30 It isn't exactly South Beach, but admission to this "Super Bowl" will not break your bank. Pinheads Bowling Alley in Fishers hosted a Super Bowling Party on the day of the big game.

Pinheads has 32 lanes, plus four private bowling suites. It certainly is not your typical bowling alley! Owners said there are 35 televisions to cheer on the Colts.

Pinheads is located at 13825 Britton Park Road, near State Road 37 and 131st Street in Fishers.

Call 317-773-9988 or visit www.bowlatpinheads.com

Jan. 25 They are some of Indy's bravest citizens. Do you have what it takes to help keep the Circle City safe? If so, you may want to apply to be a police officer.

The IMPD is currently recruiting for its next class. I spent the morning with a probationary officer to see what its like. to get an inside look.

To apply, call 327-3346 or visit www.indygov.org/impd

Jan. 24 As you plan your Super Bowl parties, you may want to add Edible Arrangements to your checklist. The Fishers store is offering a "Touchdown Delight" in a Colts theme.

The floral fruit bouquets are color coordinated with fruit dipped in blue and white chocolate. It also comes with a keepsake football. The all-edible arrangements start at about $30.

"To send a fresh fruit bouquet adds a lot of pizazz to your gift because they can eat it," said Retha Clark, the company's vice president. "It lasts for three or four days because we actually cut it fresh the day it is delivered or picked up. It is just a healthy way to give a gift."

The fruit baskets can be picked up the same day they are ordered. Edible Arrangements also delivers in and around Fishers, as well as downtown.

The store is located at 8395 East 116th St. Call 317-570-0695 or visit www.ediblearrangements.com

Jan. 23 A new gym is giving hard workouts and hope to its visitors. The punches thrown at Rock Steady Boxing are improving the life for many people every day.

It was so inspiring for me to see these people work so hard to overcome the challenges in their lives. to learn more.

The gym is located at 2002 Wellesley Blvd on Indy's East Side near 21st and Shadeland Avenue.

Call 317-223-2970 or visit www.rocksteadyboxing.org for directions and more information.

Jan. 18

Indy is clear! A unique registered traveler program debuts at the Indianapolis International Airport. www.flyclear.com

Jan. 17

Curling is the newest ice activity offered at Indiana World Skating Academy in downtown Indianapolis. The Circle City Curling Club is hosting an instructional clinic tonight from 6:45 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for those interested in learning the Olympic sport.

Participants will recieve tips from the United States Curling Association. The event is open to the public.

No experience is necessary. The cost is $5 per person. Participants are encouraged to wear a clean pair of tennis shoes and warm, loose, layered clothing. Call 317-237-5565 to register.

"Indianapolis is a great city. It is an area where curling really hasn't ventured in the past," says Ryan Brown, a competitive curler. "I think it has a great opportunity to excell and succeed. I see nothing but good things and many Olympic golds coming out of the Indianapolis area."

If you would you would like to join Indy's first local curling team, contact Courtney Spurgeon at (317) 237-5565 or visit www.iwsa.org.

Jan. 16

This morning we sought out to find the most talented amateur ballroom dancers in Central Indiana. Ten couples have been chosen for the "Dancing With The Stars" Official Dance Challenge.

I served as one of the judges at the pre-qualifying event at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. It was a tough job because there were so many talented and enthusiastic participants! The finalists will be a part of the show at Conseco Fieldhouse this Thursday.

"Ballroom dancing has been around for a long, long time. Dancing With The Stars kind of brought it back alive two or three years ago," said Craig Cassel of Arthur Murray Dance Studio. "We have so many students taking lessons all the time now. It is just a fun thing to do, and a good hobby."

There are four Arthur Murray studio locations in Central Indiana. Visit www.indyarthurmurray.com for information on learning how to dance.

Jan. 11

Indy's very own Roller Derby League is officially underway. The Naptown Roller Girls started preparing last Spring. Bouts are every few weeks at the Blue Ribbon Pavillion at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. to get the scoop on the skaters!

Roll on over to www.naptownrollergirls.com to see when the next match is scheduled.

Jan. 10

We slid on over to the fairgrounds to find out how the Indiana Ice hockey team is holding up halfway through the season. For the first time ever there are two Indiana natives on the team, which consists of talented hockey players age 17 - 20 from all over North America.

Defensive player Mike Bundon showed off his missing tooth and said the crowd should always be ready for a big brawl on the ice.

The season runs through the middle of April. Tickets start at $11 and kids under 2 are free. Call 317-925-4423 or visit www.indianaice.com for more info.

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