Hoosier Hopes To Become 'Nashville Star'

A hometown boy is hitting the big time in the world of country music.

Matt Mason, 20, of Fairland, is starring in Nashville's version of "American Idol." "Nashville Star" airs on USA Network. Mason is among the show's final six contestants.

Mason, a 2004 graduate of Triton Central High School, has drawn massive support from the community in his quest to become a country music star. Mason's supporters hope they can get more Hoosiers to support a local singer, so he can continue to move on in the competition.

On the show Tuesday night, Mason and the other performers will sing an original song. Mason's father is one of his biggest supporters.

"He started singing and doing his own songwriting ... at 14, 15 years old. I think he wrote his first song when he was 16," said Bob Mason.

After graduating from high school, Mason went to Nashville to pursue his dream of country music stardom.

"It's a great thing for him and we're such a small school. You don't hear about things like this coming from small schools," said Triton student Zach Corlett.

Mason's former teacher and t-ball coach Lisa Fisher has known him since he was about 5 years old. Fisher is helping organize a Nashville Stars benefit concert starring Mason next week.

The money will be earmarked to go to victims of the tornado that hit Fairland last week.

"I personally am extremely proud because he's almost like a son," Fisher said. "He's going to do his own thing and he's loyal and he's honest and he has a great personality. People just love him."

USA Network TV crews will be at the concert to follow Mason.

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