Nominate a Volunteer for a Jefferson Award

RTV6 and the Jefferson Awards are looking for Hoosiers who are committed to public and community service.

In every neighborhood there are unsung heroes -- volunteers and paid professionals who go well beyond their expected duties -- and RTV 6 wants you to nominate them for a Jefferson Award!

The nomination process is simple. Click the link, fill out the form and include a compelling story about your nominee. Make sure to highlight how the nominee's actions benefit the lives of others and the local community. There is no deadline to send in nominations. One winner will be selected each month. All nominations should address the following:

Any nomination should address the following.

  1. Outstanding Personal Acts: A good nominee is an ordinary individual who performs outstanding personal acts. This individual stands out for taking extra steps and for acts that are outstanding, unique and heroic.
  2. Community Impact: A good nominee is positively impacting his or her community. This individual is helping others, creating a change or has improved the conditions surrounding an important community issue.
  3. Award Eligibility:A good nominee is either a local volunteer or paid professional who goes well above his or her job description. The term unsung refers to someone not usually in the spotlight.

Jefferson Awards Nomination Form