Company makes plush versions of your pets

Cuddle Clones is pleasing pet owners

LOUISVILLE - When Raisin, a one-eyed pug from Portland, passed away last June, his owner was understandably grief stricken. The beloved dog suffered from blindness, diabetes and was nearly deaf. A company located about 2,300 miles away helped ease the pain.

Cuddle Clones, based in Louisville, Ky., offers pet owners a way to immortalize their furry friends. Using a photograph of the animal, the company can make a plush version that promises to look identical to the pet in question.

According to a testimonial on the company’s website, the above pet’s owner referred to the service as allowing them to “have a stuffed Raisin forever.” The plush version even had a tongue sticking out the side of its mouth, as was Raisin’s signature look.

The Cuddle Clones website is loaded with testimonials like that, from owners of dogs, cats, horses, chinchillas and virtually every variety of pet under the sun.

The replicas run from $129 to $199. Cuddle Clones also makes custom figurines and ornaments of pets that cost $99 each.

Reddit users have had fun looking at the company’s work. Thursday, a photo gallery was linked to the website, showing images of real pets alongside their plush doppelgangers.

Here are a few examples:



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