Don't reseed now


As August comes to an end, lawns are responding to recent rains. However, until watering bans are lifted, there is no need to reseed lawns. 
Seedlings must have water to survive. Ideally, any seeding should be done during the next three weeks.  The new seedlings must develop deep root systems to withstand alternate freezing and thawing
The cool season vegetables can be planted at this time, so they will develop in the cooler fall temperatures. Watering will be the key to success. 
This is the peak season for cicada killer wasps, which are harmless to people. Yellow jackets are a threat to people who are enjoying food and drink outdoors. 
This insect would like to share your refreshments.  And, unlike bees, yellow jackets can sting
A little dab of baking soda will ease the pain of the sting, if you're unlucky. 
Happy Gardening,
Dr Dirt
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