Dr. Dirt: Fall colors parade in


The parade of fall colors is well on its way. 

White ash trees will soon be void of leaves. White pines have yellow needles, which are last year's needles. The next rain will send them to the ground. 

Lawn weeds are doing well, so now is the time to spot treat lawns for weeds.

It looks like a bumper crop of chickweeds are coming along nicely. The soil has plenty of moisture, so the time is ripe to core aerate lawns. 

Fall is for planting and if your local garden center or nursery has it, start planting. 

Lots of evergreens need replacing, with the exception of tulips, the spring flowering bulbs can be planted. 

Wait until November to plant tulips because frost will soon hit the area. Tropicals and house plants should be given a bath and brought indoors before frost. 

Ornamental cabbage, kale and pansies should be planted now. 

The sure-fire way to predict winter weather is to split persimmon seeds.  If you see spoons, it means lots of snow.  Knives and forks indicate cold.

 Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt.  


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