Dr. Dirt: Frosty weather ends growing season

INDIANAPOLIS - Frosty weather will put an end to the growing season, and the rain will rejuvenate the depleted soil moisture. 

However, the winter ahead will be difficult for plants in a weakened condition. 

Lawn weeds are actively growing, which makes them vulnerable to weed killers. Try spot treating your lawn to control the growth.

Pansies, ornamental cabbage and kale should be planted now.  Also, now is the time to move and transplant perennials.

Trees and shrubs can also be planted.  With the frosty temperatures, the vegetable garden can be cleaned for winter. The vegetation makes good compost and making a compost bin is as easy as taking four wooden pallets and making a box. 

Fallen tree leaves also make good compost.  Mowing lawn areas with trees twice a week can recycle the grass and tree leaves back into the lawn. 

Several kinds of insects like boxelder bugs and lady bugs are headed for winter shelter.  Caulking cracks and tiny openings around the house is the best way to keep bugs out. 

There is no shortage of pumpkins this year, so enjoy them for Halloween. 

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt


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