Dr. Dirt offers advice to gardeners ahead of Fall frost

Tips to protect plants in the cooler months


As the last days of summer draw near and the temperatures begin to drop, homeowners are beginning to pay extra attention to plants and gardens to protect them from overnight frost.

Dr. Dirt advised homeowners to bring potted plants and hanging baskets into the garage overnight as temperatures possibly dip into the 30s overnight.

Potted plants and annuals are at risk during the cooler months due to the summer drought and extreme heat, he said.

"(Plants) are like people; they wear out after a while. They are really down to the end of the cycle. So what is going to happen here as far as the fall colors are concerned, leaves are going to drop and fall colors will be on the ground early this year,” Dr. Dirt said.

Dr. Dirt advised homeowners without a garage to cover plants with plastic in the late afternoon.

"What happens in the evening, the heat is given up by the soil and the plastic traps the heat in a little tent,” he said.

Fall officially begins on Saturday. 

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