Dr. Dirt recommends Hoosiers mow fallen leaves back into the grass

Tree leaves, along with the temperatures, are falling. Yes, it's time for the massive clean up of Mother Nature's parade of fall foliage. 

Many leaves can be recycled back into lawn areas by simply mowing the lawn. Each time over the lawn, the leaf particles get smaller and smaller. Fallen leaves will smother grass if they remain on the lawn for extended periods. Shredded leaves also make good compost and mulch. 

There is still a good supply of ornamental cabbage and kale plants, along with pansies. Now is also the time to plant spring flowering bulbs.

Even with the cooler temperatures, lawn weeds are still growing. Spot treating is the way to check them. 

Boxelder bugs, crickets and other insects are still looking for winter quarters. Caulking cracks and small opening around the outside of the house will force them to go elsewhere. 

Enjoy the little people as they come begging for treats on Halloween!

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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