Dr. Dirt: Soil 'just right' for fall planting


The recent heavy rainfall has made the soil conditions just right for fall planting. 

The rain is also sparking growth among lawn weeds. In fact, chickweed is blooming in some lawns. 

The fall crop of dandelions was super.  Just remember, those small weeds are easier to control than the big ones in the spring.  Spot treating is the way to reduce lawn weeds and core aeration is a great annual lawn treatment.

The fall foliage will soon be on the ground and shredded leaves can be recycled back into the lawn.  They also make great mulch.  Lawn mowers do a pretty good job of shredding leaves. 

Persimmons are falling and the pudding is a great fall treat.  Slice open a few persimmon seeds to predict the coming winter weather.  Spoons mean a lot of snow, knives mean cold and forks indicate a mild winter. 

The wooly worms were basically non-existent this year, and a lot of other insects didn't show either. 

You can stop the boxelder bugs along with spiders and other bugs by caulking cracks around the outside of the house.  On the inside, Ortho Indoor Pest Control comes to the rescue.  

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt


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