Dr. Dirt: Spring is right around the corner!

INDIANAPOLIS - Just in case you haven't noticed, the snow is melting. 

The melting snow adds nitrogen to the soil, which is very good!

This is the week that pansies come back to life. This wonderful little fall planted jewel takes on the winter and blooms as the snow melts in late winter.

Pansies are the true March Madness of the plant world! 

You can say thanks by giving them an application of fertilizer. And, if you're a beekeeper, the soft maples will be blooming this coming week.

Dr. Dirt is not a fan of Silver maples, but for the bees it's a different story! Once the snow is gone and folks are tired of basketball, they are going to look for things to do outdoors in the landscape.

First of all there's the lawn, and no, rolling is not an option no matter how rough and tough the lawn looks. Layers of tree leaves and sticks can be picked up to prevent smothering of the grass. Bare spots can be reseeded. Forget about fertilizing and crabgrass control; wait until the end of April for this job. Evergreens can be pruned as well as fruit trees and grape vines. Hold off on pruning spring flowering shrubs and trees until after they bloom. Fertilize spring flowering bulbs as soon as you see the new foliage pop through the ground. 

After all that outside work, check out the Flower & Patio Show at the State Fairgrounds and visit with Dr. Dirt in the All Star Roofing & More booth every Saturday from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Congratulations to Pat Sullivan who has completed 20 years at WIBC! He will be 85 years old when he reaches the 50-year mark, which was set by Dr. Dirt last year at the age of 78!  But hey, never say never to Pat, he's the very best!

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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