Dr. Dirt: Time to bring plants inside

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Central Indiana has received more than six inches of rain in September, recharging the ground with much-needed moisture after the lengthy summer drought.

All the rain makes the perfect atmosphere for fall planting. 

The grass seeding season has ended, but broadleaf weeds are growing vigorously. Spot treat lawns for broadleaf weed control through October. Core aeration is a good annual lawn care practice to reduce thatch and loosen heavy clay soil. 

September is prime time for lawn fertilization, so make a second application in November. 

September 28 is the average of the first fall frost.  Now is the time to return vacationing house plants to the indoors. Give them a soapy bath to remove bugs and spiders. Once indoors, it’s best not to prune or fertilize until next March. 

Boxelder bugs and other insects are looking for winter quarters, so caulk all tiny openings around the outside of the house to prevent pests from sharing your home. 

Happy Gardening, Dr. Dirt

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