Rain is welcome!


Some welcome, measurable rain came early Sunday morning to the parched
There was 1 1/2 inches on the west side of Indy.  It's a good start and many plants will be saved.  Don't put away the garden hoses just yet. 
Lawns are going to need major repairs in late August. The window of opportunity for planting grass seed is August 15 through September 15. 
Grass seedlings need plenty of time to establish deep root systems before freezing temperatures. 
The Indiana State Fair is under way with fun for the whole family. Of particular interest is  the
Marion County Cooperative Extension Service's demonstration garden, just east of the Department of Natural Resource's fishing pond. 
Here is a good place to get new garden ideas. And, for young and old alike, there is the Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest held daily at 1 p.m. in the Ag/Hort Bldg.  Currently, 32 feet is the number to beat. 
Construction is also interesting in the Ag/Hort Bldg
The BIG pumpkins arrive this coming Saturday, and at the other end of the fairgrounds is the BIG boar hog weighing in at 1303 pounds!!! 
Monday through Friday, the crowds are smaller than the weekends. 
So, enjoy YOUR Indiana State Fair!!! 
Happy Gardening,
Dr Dirt


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