Greenwood Home Bursting With Holiday Cheer

Owners Offer Daily Tours

The Griswolds may be the gold standard for outdoor Christmas lights, but a Greenwood couple easily wins the prize for fitting the most holiday cheer inside their home.

What began as a hobby of decorating a few trees nine years ago, has grown into a full-fledged tourist attraction in every room of Brandon Smith and Dennis Guyette's home.


"People said, 'Why don't you add more?' And then we started adding more, and more people started bringing more people, and they said, 'Why don't you just open it up to the public?' and we decided, OK, we can probably do that," Smith told RTV6's Chance Walser, laughing.

The home features 68 Christmas trees, all with a different theme. The decorations reach into every room, including bathrooms and the kitchen.

Every December, the couple opens up their home to visitors nightly from 6 to 10, free of charge.

More than 1,000 people visited the home last year, picking up the week before Christmas. Already this year, the couple has had 600 visitors.

Neighbors said they're used to cars lining their streets during the holidays.

"Brandon and Dennis, they're a wonderful addition to this neighborhood. They do every holiday above and beyond," said Daniel Tomamichel, who lives next door. "I can't ask for better neighbors."

Smith said they look all over the country for decorations to add to their collection, changing out trees every year.

It takes a lot of time, but the couple said the reaction from visitors is worth the work.

"The looks on people's faces and the reactions is the best part," Smith said. "We've had a few people who said they're Grinches, but when they leave, they're grinning from ear to ear."

The home is located at 632 Locust Grove Lane. It's open to visitors every night from 6 to 10. Smith said the weekends are the busiest times.

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