Drug discount cards offer deep prescription savings

Cards from AAA, AARP can save money

INDIANAPOLIS - Hoosiers hoping to save money at the pharmacy could be overlooking the value of drug discount cards.

Consumer website ConsumerWorld.org recently reviewed five discount cards -- AAA, AARP, National League of Cities, Simple Savings and Una Rx -- and found that consumers without prescription drug coverage can save more than 70 percent off the cash price.

For example, the website found that the cash price of 30 tabs of the generic version of the drug Lipitor is $109.99, but the price is knocked down to $46.94 with the AARP discount card, $47.94 with AAA and $60.79 with Simple Savings.

Drug discount cards are offered to members of AAA or AARP, and there are others that are available for free on various websites, but they're not considered insurance and can only be used to buy prescriptions that aren't covered by insurance.

AAA Hoosier Motor Club spokesman Greg Seiter said the group's prescription drug cards saved Indiana members almost $49,000 last year, or about 24 percent per member.

"A lot of people forget about some of the discounts that are available to them. It's important to check and follow up to make sure you're getting every bit that you can," Seiter told RTV6.

The AAA prescription discount is applies to pet prescriptions as well as medicine for people.

ConsumerWorld found that the average savings using the discount cards was 16 percent and that no one card offers the most savings overall.

Experts recommend customers compare prices with different discount cards.

More information: Full ConsumerWorld report

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