Healthcast: Lung Damage; Sinusitis

Researchers: Celebrex Prevents Abnormal-Cell Spread

Researchers in Houston are studying an arthritis drug to see whether it can reverse lung damage caused by years of smoking.

They say they have reason to believe that Celebrex can counter lung damage and lower a person's risk for lung cancer.

"It's something that's been able to prevent the proliferation of abnormal cells," said Dr. Jonathan Kurie, a researcher involved with the study.

The researchers say that they don't recommend that people take Celebrex on their own, especially because the study isn't complete and because every drug poses a risk.

Researchers: Antifungal Medication Can Beat Sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis should be treated with antifungal medication because the condition often is caused by fungus, researchers announced at the Mayo Clinic recently.

The announcement could change the way doctors treat sinusitis. Allergy pills, shots and antibiotics can relieve symptoms, but sinus infections can come back.

Antifungal medicine, on the other hand, attacks the underlying cause, Staying Healthy's Stacia Matthews reported.

"We now know the cause of chronic rhinosinusitis, and the cause is fungus," said Community Health Network's Dr. David Patterson, who heard the announcement. "It's readily treatable with antifungal medication."

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