Indiana man climbs volcano on prosthetic leg

Reuben Bible inspiration to others

INDIANAPOLIS - A western Indiana man climbed to the top of a volcano, overcoming obstacles resulting from an accident that resulted in his leg being amputated.

Reuben Bible suffered the injury while farming at his home in September 2010.

"My wife stayed with me the entire time. We held pressure on it for an hour and a half, until paramedics could get there to us," Bible said.

Scans showed at least eight breaks and severe muscle damage. Two years, 18 surgeries and several infections later, he had to make a choice.

Amputating his leg was the fastest way to be well again.

"You can only put so many pieces back together," he said. "I wanted to be a dad again. I wanted to do the things most dads do with their kids."

The amputation decision was made with the help of Dr. Tim Weber, of OrthoIndy at St. Vincent.

"It sounds silly, but obviously, we can't undo the operation once it's been done," Weber said. "People have to have a really good understanding of what an amputation entails."

Bible's leg healed quickly. Within a month, he was in his first prosthetic leg, taking his first steps.

Reuben Bible

Four months after surgery, he climbed a volcano and is now certain anything is possible.

"There's a purpose for everything we face in life. Sometimes it's hard things that we face, but God's going to use it for everything."

Bible's faith teaches him to trust, and his inspiration is further ignited by those who have also overcome, such as Paralympic athlete and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Amy Purdy.

Amy Purdy

"I've watched her dance, and she is an amazing woman. I wish I could dance," Bible said with a laugh.

Purdy is amazingly graceful on two prosthetic legs, and she has given viewers a glimpse of what life can be after amputation.

"Being able to see that helps them to understand what their possibilities are," Weber said. "It's been fun to watch to see what she's accomplished."

Bible is finding himself in places he never expected, earning a college degree and becoming a youth pastor.

"There's a purpose for life, and if we can stay focused on our purpose, we can get through even the tough times," he said.

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