Indianapolis father, daughter team up to beat diabetes

Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes downtown Sunday

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis father and daughter will walk together, hand in hand, this weekend in honor of the wife and mother they lost to diabetes.

It was a year ago this month that Ellen Quigley died after battling type 2 diabetes since 1978.

Her daughter, Mary Quigley, took part in last year's Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes downtown shortly after losing her mother to the disease.

"I think I cried through most of the walk," she said.

But this year, Mary won't be walking alone. She will be joined by her father, George Quigley, 64, during the walk at White River State Park.

Over the course of his 35-year marriage, he watched Mary's mother suffer two miscarriages, an amputation, blindness, kidney failure and strokes as her health got progressively worse.

"I remember her always being in the hospital for different infections with her feet or her blood sugar would get too high," Mary Quigley said. "I just remember her always being sick. It was very difficult to watch her go through all of that."

Mary and George hope that every step they make together will bring awareness and generate money for diabetes research.

"The last thing she told me is that she loved me just before she died, so I'm content with the fact that she's at peace," George Quigley said. "But I would hate for anyone else to have to go through this whole thing when it could be prevented."

RTV6 is a proud sponsor of the American Diabetes Association's Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes. Registration and donation information can be found online.

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